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Years of experience and new ideas

As a manufacturer of environmentally friendly cardboard packaging, Organic Polska has been active on the market since 2009, and each year the company proves the great potential of cardboard, which can be used to create practical and ecological packaging. Our products are in high demand and they are appreciated both in Poland and abroad. Their greatest advantage lies in their lightness, their sustainability, and in the fact that they can be used in modern logistics and distribution systems. All this not only makes them easy to use, but they also reduce costs within the company.

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Organic Poland is where every entrepreneur can purchase tailor-made packaging. Everything that is produced at Organic Poland is designed by us from scratch, and the designs are always created after thorough analysis of the needs
and expectations of our customers. We undertake both the production of basic cardboard packaging and difficult
and unusual projects. The work we do allows us to support our customers' logistics chain and offer them top solutions available on the market. Organic Polska owns a professional CAD software and a large-format plotter, which enables fast production of prototypes for our customers.

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Our Offer

What we do

As a manufacturer of environmentally friendly cardboard packaging, Organic Polska has prepared pallets, boxes, crates, octabins, and stabilising elements for the transportation of products for many sectors. Over the years, we have worked with the automotive, cosmetics, chemical, food, and furniture industries to name a few. Constantly evolving, we offer a high standard of service and top range of cardboard packaging. What we offer is tailor-made packaging. In addition, we take pride in our extensive range of transport and parcel security components, such as dividers, profiles, trusses, box fillers, and fittings made from multilayer glued cardboard.
Cardboard and carton packaging, pallets, and stabilising elements are indispensable products in every production and sales company. These allow the goods not only to be transported, but also stored. Compatible cardboard packaging also guarantees that the goods will reach customers and contractors intact.

Robert Holowiecki President of the Management Board of Organic Poland
Our Success Story

Pallets weight reduction
by 40%

The components were packed in wooden crates, on wooden pallets.
Thanks to Organic Polska, the corresponding elements
in cardboard crates on cardboard pallets enabled weight reduction.

Elimination of damage
in transport

Our customer had adopted suitable profiles made of glued cardboard. This resulted in a complete elimination of damage
to car parts shipped to car manufacturers in overseas countries. 

Elimination of the carpentry workshop
from the factory

Design and manufacture of large-scale crates
and cardboard pallets, which have replaced wooden packaging has also made the packaging process easier.

We take care of the environment during production

Cardboard gets easily segregated and recycled, and its biodegradation period is ultimately short. It can easily be burned in an incinerator and converted into energy when no longer suitable for recycling.

Organic Polska - manufacturer of cardboard packaging takes care of ecology already at the stage of design and production
What Problems Do We Solve?
The solutions we propose help our customers:

To be more ECO.

Practically 99% of the packaging solutions offered by us are single-material systems (corrugated board glued with the use of ecological adhesives). In other words, packaging from Organic Poland is lightweight and easily segregated, which allows it to undergo recycling process multiple times. From all materials used in the packaging industry, cardboard's biodegradation period is the shortest.

To eliminate damage with shapes, fillers, spacers, separators (including trusses) and reinforced multi-ply cardboard packaging.

To significantly reduce the weight of shipments by replacing wooden elements with cardboard. For example, O_PAL — our 1200×800 cardboard pallet — weighs less than 3kg, and there are even lighter variants that we can produce (a low clearance pallet the so-called IKEA standard).

To make better use of the space available through multi-layered dividers that create additional layers within a box
or a crate.

To facilitate product arrangement by positioning and immobilising packed items on spacers
with positioning elements.

To eliminate fittings, corners, and other elements made of polystyrene foam or other materials considered less environmentally or user friendly.

To reduce the costs of damage, transport,labour and the packaging itself (cardboard is cheaper than phytosanitary wood).

Organic Poland

Cardboard packaging manufacturer Organic Polska Sp. z o.o. is a family-owned company with a wealth of experience. Present on the market since 2009, from the very beginning we constantly introduce newer and more interesting products tailored to the needs of the most demanding customers. Our product range includes: cardboard IBCs, transport packaging, cardboard pallets, stabilising elements (i.e. cardboard profiles and spacers) to name a few. Our solutions help customers eliminate heavy materials (e.g. wood) and non-organic materials (e.g. polystyrene foam) from their processes, simplify packaging, and eliminate transport damage to generate savings and improve the customer's image. If you want to learn more about our offer and how we can improve the logistics in your company, contact our advisors personally.

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