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Organic Polska offers boxes with large dimensions and increased strength. Cardboard packaging is a sustainable choice. Besides taking care of the planet, cardboard packaging will also help you reduce your business costs related to logistics and distribution. Flap boxes are suitable for stacking, saving valuable space in your warehouse or delivery truck.

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We have experience in manufacturing traditional cardboard boxes and creating custom solutions for our customers' needs. Contact us for a detailed offer. It's an efficient, sustainable and durable solution.

What are cut boxes?

These products are also called die-cut boxes because their manufacturing process requires the use of the right die-cutters. They allow us to produce boxes with the required designs and functions, such as folding, not glued, and with different types of functional closures. With the right design, closing will be quick and intuitive. Striving to meet our customers' needs and market demand, we have prepared various box formats that comply with FEFCO standards. Our cut boxes can have semi-automatic or automatic bottoms, and we also offer classic shipping boxes. This makes it easy for you to choose a product that meets your needs. If you need a custom size or solution, please let us know. We would be happy to prepare a batch of customized cut boxes. This is one of Organic Polska's specialties.

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High quality

We make sure that our cardboard products are optimally matched to customers' needs. Therefore our boxes are made of properly selected cardboard. For special tasks, we use very strong Kraft cardboards and even 10-ply glueboard. Our solutions are lightweight, durable and much less expensive than alternative boxes made of plastic or other materials. While saving money and increasing the profitability of your business, you are also taking care of the environment and sustainability. That is why it is worth starting cooperation with Organic Polska. Feel free to contact us and take advantage of our solutions.

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Our range of Cardboard Boxes

Organic Poland

Cardboard packaging manufacturer Organic Polska Sp. z o.o. is a family-owned company with a wealth of experience. Present on the market since 2009, from the very beginning we constantly introduce newer and more interesting products tailored to the needs of the most demanding customers. Our product range includes: cardboard IBCs, transport packaging, cardboard pallets, stabilising elements (i.e. cardboard profiles and spacers) to name a few. Our solutions help customers eliminate heavy materials (e.g. wood) and non-organic materials (e.g. polystyrene foam) from their processes, simplify packaging, and eliminate transport damage to generate savings and improve the customer's image. If you want to learn more about our offer and how we can improve the logistics in your company, contact our advisors personally.

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