At Organic Polska we have developed transport octabins, which are ideal for the logistics process. This is an ecological solution, as the octabins are made of cardboard. This affects the cost of their production and reduces the costs associated with the entire logistics process. Thus, by taking care of the environment, our customers also increase the profitability of their business. We invite you to take a look at our offer in this area.

Equilateral octabine Organic Poland

What exactly are octabins?

Transport octabins are functional packaging made from strong 5-ply cardboard or, when required, from 10-ply high-strength glueboard. This results in a robust product that is ideal for transporting or storing various types of products. It finds its use, among other things, in bulk or large-volume transport. Our octabins are created with standard pallets in mind: 1200×800 and 1200×1000.Our octabins can be used as disposable or reusable packaging. They are eco-friendly, robust, lightweight and cheap to produce, making them an excellent alternative to plastic bulk packaging or many smaller packages.

This type of bulk packaging is ideal for stacking and can also be fitted with inspection openings. We are able to produce printed octabins on request, as well as short, limited series of customised packaging.

Wide range of octabins

We have made sure that customers have a wide range of transport packaging on offer at Organic Polska. Octabins are very popular and we produce them from a wide range of appropriately selected cardboard and in various dimensions. We will successfully adapt them to your needs. We also specialise in customised production, so octabins can have non-standard sizes and capacities. This will ensure that your products are conveniently transported and stored, as well as safe. This will have a positive impact on your finances and customer satisfaction, all in line with the environment.

We invite you to get to know Organic Poland's offer and to contact our specialists. We also have: cardboard pallets and transport boxes.

Octabins - material specifications

We produce standard octabins from 5 and 10-ply EB, BC, BCCB, BCBC , etc. cardboard. with thicknesses from 5mm to 15mm and weights from 550g to 2000g and more, often on Kraft papers.

It is also possible to select or create cardboard
for special applications according to the new specification
or according to customer specifications.

Octabins - dimensions

Octabins are designed to be transported on the most popular pallets, namely 1200×800 standard octabin and 1200×1000 equilateral octabin. The height of a standard octabine can be anything and usually ranges from 570 to 1600mm.
Other dimensions can be manufactured after analysis under special orders.

Octabins - price

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Our Transport Packaging Offer

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