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At Organic Polska, we specialize, among other things, in production of practical and economical transport packaging such as cardboard cases. It is a sustainable alternative to products made of plastic and wood. Our cases will help you take care of the environment and meet the strict phytosanitary regulations of many business partners. All this while reducing the cost of logistics and storage of products in the warehouse. We have cases in various sizes. Feel free to learn more about Organic Polska’s offering.

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What are they made of?

Our products are made from carefully selected strong cardboard or glueboard. In this way, we increase their strength and make them perfect for transporting and storing various goods. We can additionally reinforce the cases at customer's request. For standard production 5-ply or 10-ply cardboard is used. The thickness of our cases ranges from 5-15 millimeters. We are able to prepare custom and non-standard designs of transport cases for the customer's needs, as well as make prints on them.

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Why choose cardboard cases?

First of all, cardboard cases are convenient to use and practical transportation packaging. They are cheaper to produce and handle than plastic and wooden replacements. In addition, our cases can be of different shapes, so you can fit them directly to your needs. Cardboard products are lighter, which makes them easier to transport, and cheaper, which reduces costs on our business partner's side. We make sure that projects are tailored to market realities. Cardboard transport cases can be stacked to save space on a vehicle trailer or in a warehouse. We can equip them with additional fittings or spacers, which will allow better use of their capacity and eliminate damage.

We also offer cardboard pallets and octabins. Feel free to learn more about their technical specifications and to purchase sustainable and practical transport packaging and other cardboard materials. Experts from Organic Polska will be happy to answer any questions.

Cardboard cases – material specification

We produce standard cases from 5-ply and 10-ply EB, BC, BCCB, BCBC, or EBEB cardboard with thicknesses from 5mm to 15mm and grammage from 550g to 2000g and more,
often on Kraft papers.

For special cases, it is also possible to select or create cardboard for special applications according to new specifications or customer guidelines.

Organic Poland - Cardboard box

Cardboard cases – dimensions

Cardboard cases are designed to be transported on the most popular 1200×800 and 1200×1000 pallets. We can also make cardboard cases of half-pallet, quarter-pallet and other dimensions.

A standard case can be of any height and is usually in the range of 500 to 2000mm.
Both larger and smaller case sizes can be made after analysis under special orders.

Cardboard cases – price

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Cardboard packaging manufacturer Organic Polska Sp. z o.o. is a family-owned company with a wealth of experience. Present on the market since 2009, from the very beginning we constantly introduce newer and more interesting products tailored to the needs of the most demanding customers. Our product range includes: cardboard IBCs, transport packaging, cardboard pallets, stabilising elements (i.e. cardboard profiles and spacers) to name a few. Our solutions help customers eliminate heavy materials (e.g. wood) and non-organic materials (e.g. polystyrene foam) from their processes, simplify packaging, and eliminate transport damage to generate savings and improve the customer's image. If you want to learn more about our offer and how we can improve the logistics in your company, contact our advisors personally.

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