Cardboard Trusses

Cardboard trusses are an invaluable aid when transporting and storing goods. They are used to protect items of various sizes packed into boxes or stacked on a pallet. Their primary task is to protect products from bumping against each other, and thus mechanical damage. Cardboard trusses are also designed to reinforce the structure of the bulk packaging – the box.

Other sustainable elements for stabilizing and protecting goods offered by Organic Polska include: dividers and cardboard profiles.

Organic Poland - cardboard truss

Cardboard trusses of various types and sizes

At Organic Polska you will find cardboard trusses, also known as separators. We offer open or closed multi-field trusses with a buffer. Our buffer trusses have closed outer walls that enclose the outer cell area and are parallel to the package walls. Such models are ideal for food, processing, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical industries especially for courier shipments. They will be useful not only when goods are packed in containers, bottles or jars, but also in the automotive, machinery and home decor industries. In order to meet the needs of your company, we at Organic Polska have prepared 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 field cardboard trusses. At Organic Polska, field dimensions can be selected according to individual needs, and the structures of the ordered trusses can be tailored to individual customer needs.

Standard trusses as well as specialized industrial separators, reduce damage to goods in various forms of transport.

Organic Poland - cardboard truss

Cardboard truss – advantages

Lower packaging costs – by replacing individual packages with truss-equipped bulk packaging. 
Reducing costs by eliminating breakage and damage.
Less labor-intensive packaging.

Cardboard trusses are made only from recyclable and sustainable materials.

Another advantage of trusses and cardboard separators is their light weight.

Cardboard truss – measures

For standard trusses, we usually use 3-ply E, B, C wave cardboard with low to medium grammage from 300-500g.
For specialty trusses, we also use EB and BC 5-ply cardboards in medium and high grammage from 500-1000g and more, depending on customers' needs and guidelines.
It is possible to produce stronger trusses from multilayer glued cardboards, using the available standard and higher grammage cardboards.

Cardboard truss – price

Any questions? We will be happy to provide answers. Take advantage of our support when investing in high-quality cardboard trusses. Cooperation with Organic Polska is a guarantee of comfort and satisfaction. If we don’t have the solutions you are looking for, we will design and create them for you. Learn about the real opportunities you will gain through fruitful cooperation with our team.

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