IBC_O_TANK_200l container

In the category of IBC containers, we have also prepared a product with a capacity of 200 liters. As Organic Polska, we make sure that all the products we offer meet the highest market standards and reduce logistics costs, while ensuring safe and convenient transportation. IBC container O_TANK_200l can be successfully used to transport products in liquid form, as well as to store them in the warehouse. Feel free to learn more about our offering.

Cardboard IBC container O_TANK_200l Organic Poland cardboard packaging manufacturer

What are IBC containers?

IBC containers are convenient containers that are great for transportation. Our products are made from specially composed glueboard with increased strength, which is suitable for this application. The products manufactured in this way are cheaper than plastic pallet-containers.

IBC containers allow for stacking and transportation. In this way, you will save valuable space. In addition, they are significantly lighter than market alternatives, which also makes them easier to use. They are ideal where the use of non-returnable containers is necessary. Among our clients there are companies operating i.e. in the food, chemical and agricultural sectors.

If the capacity of 200 liters is not enough for you, you might also want to consider the following products:

  • IBC O_TANK_500l container;
  • IBC O_TANK_1000l container.

In this way, you will adjust the size of the containers to your needs. We also specialize in the production of customized containers according to customer specifications. All with attention to the smallest details and ecology. Our range of packaging for industry also features: boxes, octabins, cardboard pallets and stabilizing elements.

Take advantage of our offering

Do you care about convenient, safe, cheap and environmentally friendly transportation? Organic Polska's offering is just for you. Feel free to learn more about our offering and contact our team if you have any questions or concerns.

IBC container construction

Advantages of an IBC container

A container is sustainable and durable package.
It is lighter than most other counterparts.
It is often much cheaper than most of the available containers.
It is transported and stored folded flat
It can be stacked.

200l IBC container from Organic Poland

IBC containers – material specifications

We produce standard IBCs O_TANK_200l from cardboard glulam (glulam on Kraft papers with a total weight of approximately 5000g and a thickness of approximately 25mm on an EB wave basis).
It is possible to create a glulam with a different recipe
(e.g. different wave, different multiples, different papers, different weights).

IBC containers – measures

The IBC O_TANK_200l has external dimensions of 600x500x990 (optimal for 200l bags).
aga without bag and pallet is approximately 14kg.

Other dimensions can be manufactured after a feasibility study under special orders.

IBC containers – price

Organic Poland

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