Cardboard profiles

Cardboard profiles are among the stabilizing elements offered by Organic Polska. They are widely used in transport and logistics. They are designed and manufactured to be used on pallets in the most popular dimensions. You can use them on 200×800 and 1200×1000 pallets, as well as on those in customized dimensions. At Organic Polska, we offer, among others, the extremely popular 1150×770 cardboard dividers, but also smaller or larger ones than the pallets on which they are to be used. For demanding customers, we have prepared stabilizing elements made of glued multilayer cardboard. When ordering this type of stabilizing elements from Ogranic Polska, you can choose any dimensions in the range of 3500x100mm or 100×2800.

Organic Poland - Types of cardboard profiles
Cardboard profiles

Cardboard profiles – stabilization and protection

The primary function of cardboard profiles, like other stabilizing elements such as cardboard dividers, cardboard trusses, box fillers is to protect and stabilize. A properly selected cardboard sheet of the right size, shape and thickness, can be used in many ways. It will work very well for stacking goods on pallets, as well as in large bulk packages. 

Cardboard profiles used in transport or storage help protect goods against damage, as well as facilitate stacking them on a pallet and stabilize the cargo. 

Another advantage of cardboard profiles is also reducing costs, optimizing the time spent packaging, increasing the capacity of pallets or cases by enabling the creation of additional layers on them. They are used to put successive layers of goods on the pallet, and also separate the products from its top.

Cardboard profiles from Organic Polska are the perfect solution for many industries. They are used in the transportation and storage of beverages, cosmetics, various plastics, automotive parts, chemical and metal products. Companies operating in these industries can use lightweight, sustainable and durable cardboard dividers once or repeatedly. 

Cardboard profile – application

Cardboard profiles are most often used to protect products that are large and of significant value – they are great for protecting car parts, furniture and electronics.

They not only protect, but they can also divide the space of the bulk packaging so that its use can be optimized – for example, they allow you to pack several additional layers of products safely separating them from each other and stabilizing them.

Cardboard profile, cardboard stabilising element

Cardboard profile – advantages

Considerable cost reduction through effective elimination of transportation damage while optimizing the use of cargo space.

They are lightweight, sustainable and very durable.
Cardboard profiles are an excellent alternative to less sustainable items, such as polystyrene shapes.

A favorable price-functionality ratio. A wealth of options.

Cardboard profile, stabilising element made of cardboard used in the automotive industry

Protective profiles – material specifications

Protective cardboard profiles (also known as shapes, scantlings or combs, are made by gluing together a sufficient number of forms of a given shape. Most often, we create glueboards using 5-ply, BC-wave cardboard with grammage around 600. Depending on the need, our glueboards can be made from any cardboard available on the market.

The possibilities are virtually endless.

Protective profiles – measures

Protective cardboard profiles come in a full range of dimensions. They can range in length from a dozen centimeters to several meters.
They can vary in thickness (from a few millimeters to several tens of centimeters) and shape.

They can have perpendicular and semicircular slots
cut out as needed.

Protective profiles – price

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