IBC_O_TANK_500l container

Organic Polska offers ecological IBC containers with a capacity of 500 liters, which are used on a daily basis in the transportation and storage of liquid products. Such containers are made of sustainable materials and are very practical and convenient to use. Another advantage is the lower purchase price compared to plastic alternatives. All this makes Organic Polska a trusted partner in streamlining companies' logistics processes. Feel free to learn more about our offering.

IBC container with lid O_TANK_500l - Organic Poland manufacturer of ecological cardboard packaging

Product characteristics

Containers are made of thick and strong cardboard, so they are able to hold the liquid working inside them and prevent possible leakage. The design of these containers allows for the safe transportation of liquids in bags of up to 500 liters. To a large extent, it is the quality of the bag used that determines whether the container will retain its properties. If leakage occurs, the cardboard will begin to soak through and lose its properties. The design allows empty containers to be transported and stored flat and stacked when full, so they will take up less space in storage or during transport.

Organic Polska's containers are perfect for the food or agricultural sector. It's a cheaper replacement for plastic alternatives, and it's a much more sustainable choice. It will improve the company's image and the satisfaction of its customers. An additional advantage of our products is their low weight, as they are lighter and easier to transport. The container is equipped with a cardboard frame, so you can stably place the bag inside and cover everything with a lid. Organic Polska also offers plastic bags. There are also other container capacities available:

  • IBC O_TANK_1000l container;
  • IBC O_TANK_200l container.

Advantages of an IBC container

A container is sustainable and durable package.
It is lighter than most other counterparts.
It is often much cheaper than most of the available containers.
It is transported and stored folded flat
It can be stacked.

500l IBC container from Organic Poland

IBC container construction

IBC containers – material specifications

We manufacture standard IBCs O_TANK_500l from cardboard glue (glue on Kraft paper with a total weight of approx. 5000g
and a thickness of approximately 33mm on a BC wave basis).

It is possible to make a different kind of glueboard (e.g., different wave, different ply, different paper, different grammage).

IBC containers – measures

The IBC O_TANK_500l has external dimensions of 1200x800x700 (optimal for 500l bags).
The weight without bag and pallet is approximately 15kg.

Other dimensions can be made after a feasibility study
as part of special orders.

You are welcome to buy

We invite you to take advantage of our offer and ensure the safe transport of your products, as well as their convenient storage. In addition to our standard offer, we also specialise in the production of containers on special request, so we are able to adjust the size to your needs. We invite you to contact the Organic Poland team.

IBC containers – price

For a quote on cardboard IBCs, O_TANK, please contact our Sales Manager

Organic Poland

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