IBC_O_TANK_1000l container

We have prepared standardized 1000l IBC containers. IBC O_TANK_1000l container is a modern and practical product that is used in transportation and storage of liquid products. Thanks to specialized bags (inserts) made of durable plastics, the transportation of liquids in cardboard containers of our production is safe and convenient. We invite you to read the product specifications and make a purchase.

IBC container made of cardboard O_TANK_1000l Organic Poland manufacturer and supplier of ecological cardboard packaging

Increased cardboard grammage

Our IBC containers are made from carefully selected semi-finished products, including, in particular, glued corrugated cardboard with a higher grammage. Glueboard qualities make our IBC a safe solution. At the customer's request, we are able to increase the technical parameters of the product by using alternative production materials and modern gluing technology. 1000l containers are available in standard sizes, but we have experience in creating solutions according to individual recommendations and with non-standard parameters. For this purpose, it is worth contacting the Organic Polska team.

Cardboard IBC container with lid O_TANK_1000l-Organic Poland - manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly cardboard packaging

IBC container construction

IBC container construction

The design of the container is very simple, yet extremely functional. The product consists of a corrugated cardboard container, and a rack to position the bag and immobilize the release valve before filling it with liquid or other products. The set also includes a lid and the design allows empty containers to be transported and stored flat and stacked when full. We also offer dedicated bags for 1000-liter IBC containers.

Application and advantages

IBC containers can have a wide range of applications. They are primarily used in the transportation or storage of liquid products. They are very popular in the food sector, where they are used for transporting liquid intermediates or finished products. Of course, our containers can have a much broader application. Their strengths include functionality, lightness, durability and sustainability. In line with our philosophy Organic Polska's products and processes are sustainable, which is appreciated by our customers.

IBC containers – material specifications

We produce standard IBC containers from glueboard (glueboard on Kraft paper with a total grammage of about 5000g and a thickness of about 33mm on a BC wave basis).

It is possible to make a different kind of glueboard (e.g., different wave, different ply, different paper, different grammage).

IBC containers – measures

O_TANK_1000l container has external dimensions of 1150x1150x900 (optimal for 1000l bags).
Weight without bag and pallet is about 20kg.
Other dimensions can be made after a feasibility study
as part of special orders.

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