Cardboard pallets O_PAL_ROUND

Cardboard pallets are an interesting and beneficial alternative to wooden pallets and those made of other materials. Their advantages are particularly evident in case of projects with special requirements (shape, dimension, additional features). An interesting example of pallet customization are round pallets made of O_PAL_ROUND cardboard.

They can serve a transportation and storage function for companies in any industry. They will lower costs in the supply chain. These savings are due to the low weight of cardboard pallets – which translates into lower fuel consumption of the vehicles used for product transport. Lower transport costs are also linked to the fact that OPAL_ROUND pallets allow better use of cargo space. 

Organic Poland-Pallets of cardboard O_PAL_ROUND

Last but not least, this pallet model allows to considerably reduce the risk of damage to the goods, as well as workers’ spine injuries or cuts. Since their parameters can be modified in many ways, it is very easy for you to adapt them to your needs and requirements.

Characteristics of round O_PAL_ROUND cardboard pallets

O_PAL_ROUND – is another type of pallet belonging to the family of cardboard pallets offered by Organic Polska. Like all pallets in the Organic range, these pallets are made of high-quality sustainable materials. The top is made of a honeycomb structure, while the feet/beams are made of solid glued corrugated cardboard characterized by high strength and load-bearing capacity. Such a pallet is not only sustainable, but is not subject to the phytosanitary restrictions typical of wood. It is dedicated to goods in rolls or packaged in round bulk packages.

At Organic Polska you can order round pallets O_PAL_ROUND with a diameter of 500 to 1200 mm.

Contact our office directly to obtain a quote and to agree on technical details. Our experts will be happy to help you select a product that meets your needs, and answer your questions and concerns.

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O_PAL_ROUND pallet – price

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