O_PAL_XXL cardboard pallets

Cardboard pallets are an excellent alternative to plastic and wooden pallets. They are used by the world's largest companies and corporations striving to reduce the cost of storing and transporting their products, as well as conduct sustainable operations. The forerunner of using cardboard pallets on a large scale is IKEA. The numerous list of advantages of paperboard pallets makes them a key element of modern logistics, distribution, environmental systems.

Organic Poland - Cardboard pallet O_PAL_XXL

One of the biggest advantages of paperboard pallets is that they can be customized to the customer's needs. By choosing O_PAL_XXL pallets from Organic Polska, you have the opportunity to customize i.e. their size, the layout of the feet. This model of pallet is supported by as many as 12 -15 blocks (depending on the length) – standard paperboard pallets are equipped with 9 blocks. The most popular dimensions of O_PAL_XXL cardboard pallets include 2000×800, 2200×800 and 2000×1000mm.

At Organic Polska, we manufacture O_PAL_XXL cardboard pallets using the best, yet attractively priced materials. As a result, we can offer you attractive prices.

O_PAL_XXL paperboard pallets on special request

Organic Polska manufactures cardboard pallets by making a honeycomb cardboard top, usually 12 or 15 blocks of glued corrugated cardboard and 3 skids also made of honeycomb structure. Additionally, we use a 10mm thick honeycomb structure, made of 300g Kraft liners and a core of 135g fluting paper with an eye fi of 10mm.

In case of large orders, it is possible to make a product, not only in customized dimensions, but also according to individual material specifications in line with customer’s suggestions and needs. Contact us directly to agree on the details. This solution is particularly beneficial for companies operating in the clothes, small investment, automotive, furniture and e-commerce industry, where cardboard pallets perform best.

Organic Poland - Cardboard pallet O_PAL_XXL

Advantages of cardboard pallets

The biggest advantage of cardboard pallets is their light weight (a 2200×800 pallet with a standard clearance weights less than 5 kilograms). Such pallets can be manually positioned and moved by one person while adhering to all the safety rules. With a full semi-trailer loaded with goods on cardboard pallets the total weight of the cargo is over 600kg lighter than when using wooden pallets.
It is a mono-material product made from sustainable raw material that is quickly biodegradable, easy to segregate and recycle.

Just like wooden pallets cardboard pallets can be reusable.
With cardboard pallets, there is no need for a bottom cardboard divider (cheaper and less labor-intensive solution).
Cardboard pallets can be produced in non-standard sizes and designs with relatively low minimum production batches.

Cardboard pallets are less expensive than comparable phytosanitary pallets.

O_PAL_XXL cardboard pallet – material specification

Cardboard pallet from the O_PAL_XXL group consists of a honeycomb cardboard top, 12 feet (usually) made of glued corrugated cardboard and 3 skids also made of a honeycomb structure. Tops and skids are produced from a 10mm thick honeycomb structure, made of 300g Kraft liners and a core of 135g fluting paper with an eye fi of 10mm.

The top rests on 9 feet (150x100x100) made of glued corrugated cardboard. In this case, the glueboard is made of many sheets of 5-ply, BC wave cardboard.
The foot weight is 150g, which means that the total weight of one square meter of glueboard is about 10,000g.

In case of these pallets, it is possible to manufacture a product with top and skids made of a honeycomb structure with different parameters.

If necessary, it is also possible to modify the blocks (material, measurements, etc.).

O_PAL_XXL cardboard pallet – measurements

O_PA_XXL cardboard pallets can come in larger dimensions of standard wooden, plastic and cardboard pallets. The following pallet dimensions of 2000×800, 2200×800 or 2000×1000 are the most common in this product group.

We also make even larger pallets within the O_PAL_JUMBO pallet group

O_PAL_XXL pallet – price

For a quote on cardboard pallets O_PAL_XXL, please contact our Sales Manager.

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