Sweden and Finland [EU project].

Project title:

Organic Polska's entry into foreign markets in the form of Sweden and Finland with its products in the form of glulam profiles made from multilayer corrugated board.

Purpose and intended effect of the project:

The company expects that as a result of the internationalisation exercise:

  • will acquire new foreign markets in the form of Sweden and Finland,
  • will increase revenues by increasing the share of foreign market revenues in relation to total revenues
  • develop activities through international cooperation,
  • will expand its infrastructure through the purchase of new assets, the purchase of which will be financed from profits generated by expansion into new foreign markets,
  • will gain greater international visibility due to cooperation with large corporations operating in the Swedish and Finnish markets.

Measurable effects of project implementation:

  • number of internationalisation business models prepared for implementation - 1
  • number of new markets (countries) where the applicant is ready to start selling the products - 2
  • number of organised channels for handling business processes that will be implemented in the target markets - 3

Project value:

The total value of the project is - PLN 629 391.00 (in words: six hundred and twenty nine thousand three hundred and ninety one zloty 00/100)

Contribution of European Funds:

Project co-financing constituting de minimis aid - PLN 434 945.00 (in words: four hundred and thirty-four thousand nine hundred and forty-five zlotys 00/100)

Deadline for Implementation:

01.11.2021 - 30.04.2023

Organic-Poland - European Funds

Organic Poland

Cardboard packaging manufacturer Organic Polska Sp. z o.o. is a family-owned company with a wealth of experience. Present on the market since 2009, from the very beginning we constantly introduce newer and more interesting products tailored to the needs of the most demanding customers. Our product range includes: cardboard IBCs, transport packaging, cardboard pallets, stabilising elements (i.e. cardboard profiles and spacers) to name a few. Our solutions help customers eliminate heavy materials (e.g. wood) and non-organic materials (e.g. polystyrene foam) from their processes, simplify packaging, and eliminate transport damage to generate savings and improve the customer's image. If you want to learn more about our offer and how we can improve the logistics in your company, contact our advisors personally.

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