Die-cut box

The cut box, or die-cut box as it requires a die-cutter to produce it, offers a wealth of formats and available designs. A large group of these designs offer closures, without additional taping. Many such boxes fold easily and do not require gluing.

The FEFCO catalogue offers a wealth of standard functional packaging designs, produced using a die-cutting machine, including the popular semi-automatic bottom boxes (FEFCO 216), automatic bottom boxes (FEFCO 711), as well as shipping boxes (FEFCO 451 and FEFCO 452).

Die-cut boxes can be designed according to customer specifications. They can be a variant of an already existing structure or a completely new structure that we design from scratch.

Organic Poland - types of die-cut boxes

Die-cut box - application

Cut boxes are used in virtually all industries that use cardboard packaging.

"Freighters" are indispensable for production and logistics. Many of these designs work well for mail order. They are indispensable when pre-packaging needs to function independently.
We offer die-cut boxes that successfully replace tubes.

Wherever a flap box does not work, a suitable box can be selected.

Organic Poland - white die-cut box

Die-cut box - advantages

Cut boxes are strong, lightweight and environmentally friendly packaging. Such packaging is functional and easy to use. A suitably selected die-cut box guarantees reliability and has a positive effect on the labour intensity of packaging.

Cut boxes are ideal for individual and specialised applications. We can produce short runs.
They can come in printed versions.

Organic Poland - die-cut box

Die-cut box
– material specification

Typically, die-cut boxes are made from 3- and 5-ply cardboard. The most common waves of cardboard used are:
E-wave, B-wave, C-wave, as well as EB and BC.
Weights start at around 400g and go up to 1000g.

For the discerning, we offer boxes made of cardboard on double-Kraft and higher weights. It is possible to make very strong boxes from 10-ply cardboard
(our equivalent of 7-ply cardboard).

Organic Poland - die-cut box

Die-cut box - dimensions

Boxes are designed to be used on pallets with the most popular dimensions, i.e. 1200×800 and 1200×1000. Popular sizes are those which make optimal use of the pallet's surface area. For example, 1 box per layer (inner bottom dimension 1180×780), 2 boxes per layer ( 580x780mm), 9 boxes per layer (inner bottom dimension 380×250), etc. The full range of heights of boxes produced is available.

These boxes are also available in a wide variety of other dimensions according to customer demand. The smallest box can be 100x100x100. Here you can combine really long sides with really short sides. For example, we can make a box with a length of more than 2000mm that has relatively small remaining dimensions. That is, we have a box with dimensions of 2100x150x150mm.

Die-cut box - price

On the pricing of die-cut boxes
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